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Die Sets

Circle Boring has a great amount of expertise at machining die sets for the stamping industry.  The die set pictured on the left was completely machined and assembled in house to customer specs, ready for tooling.  Pins and bushings can be installed here so that fit and alignment are proven before shipment.  Our CNC mills and our in-house Blanchard grinding capabilities allow us to furnish new die sets quickly & economically

We furnish new die set plates to a specific thickness unlike some vendors.  Our customers have realized significant set-up time savings this way.
Your special needs for bolster plates can easily be accomplished.  We also machine die sets for many companies.  See our die sets page for more information.

We also do die set repair and modification for many companies.  We save considerable amounts of money for our customers with this service.  In critical situations we can turn around common repairs or modifications quickly to save you valuable down time.

Die Set Repair and Modifications
In critical situations, we can expedite conventional and header die repairs and modifictions to save you valuable down time.

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